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We educate buyers and sellers so they can make an intelligent, informed decision.
After all, we are dealing with a buyers life savings and a sellers retirement.

Need More Money for Downpayment or Improvements?

Now there is a legal way to self-direct your retirement funds and use your own money without penalty to invest in your dream of owning an RV park and still plan for retirement. 

True Story: CPA buys campground using this IRS approved method,
and you can too if you have $50,000 or more in retirement funds. 

Gary and Marcia bought the campground from us.  Marcia is a Certified Public Accountant and checked out this process thoroughly.  They were very pleased and used their retirement funds to help buy the campground and for improvements.


This is an IRS approved method for buying your own business
using YOUR retirement funds.

NO taxes, NO early withdrawal penalty.

Do NOT cash in or liquidate your retirement funds. 
Simply redirect them into your own business 401K retirement account.

In fact, several of our buyers were able to purchase the RV Park they really wanted and obtained the extra money necessary for downpayment or improvements by using this method.

How Does This Work?

3 Simple Steps:

1.  A highly specialized company guides you step by step in creating your own corporation with a new 401K plan.
2.  They help you roll over your current retirement funds into your new corporation plan.
3.  Your new corporation then uses this (and other funds) to purchase your RV Park.

Call us at 828-452-1535 for additional information.

Or, fill out the Information Request Form and ask for information
on Self Directed Retirement Programs in the comment box.

No need to be discouraged!

 You may have access to more money than you originally thought between the bank financing,
your downpayment and retirement funds.

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