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       Helpful Tool - A Guidebook: $75
"Getting Your Banker to Say 'YES' to Your Request"

A Step-by-Step Guide for the
Campground and RV Park Buyer or Owner to
obtain a business loan.

Includes 10 Successful Loan Packages.  
Use these packages as a guide to develop "YOUR" loan request.

Comments about this guidebook:

"Yours was the best loan package I've ever seen.  It provided exactly what we needed."  TN banker's response after reviewing one of these loan requests.

"We took the usual business school formula loan request to two banks and got told 'no' twice after ninety days of hassle.  In June, we took our Hess organized loan request to five banks, three said 'yes' within two weeks and we were funded in fifty-three days.  The comment from all three banks that said yes was that the presentation of the information was a major factor in getting the loan approved. 
One loan officer even called it impressive
George Kalaris

"Thanks to you and your staff we were able to go confidently into six area banks and request a loan  for our campground.  We presented ourselves as knowledgeable, self-assured, enthusiastic business persons.  All six loan officers commented on how impressed they were with our loan package and how well prepared we were.  The information we provided them definitely made a difference in how they viewed us, and the level of our commitment to our request.  Because of your help and assistance we will soon be living our dream of being campground owners.  We highly recommend both the Campground Buyers' Workshop and your book.  We're positive it made the difference between a no and our many 'Yes's!"      Debbie and Wayne McKinney  

"The banks were so impressed with our presentation.  We were able to choose the best deal.  We applied at four banks and were approved by all of them.  We think your loan book was worth every cent and made all the difference in the world.  Thanks!"            John and Nancy Walker  

"We finally got the refinancing.  I want to thank you and your staff for your assistance.  The information you helped us with certainly played a factor in closing the deal.  Both the bank manager and the loan officer were very impressed with our loan package.  Thanks to your information we knocked their socks off!  We also got the money we needed for the capitol improvements."  Denny Quigley

"My wife and I followed your instructions and prepared a loan packet prior to visiting banks.  With packets in hand, we made appointments and met with 8 banks in 3 days, leaving 2 to 3 hour breaks in between each one.  Several bankers arrived to our meetings with the typical yellow legal pads for notes, but were outwardly pleasantly surprised that we had done all the work for them.  A few of them even stated that they had never seen anyone so prepared.  That type of feedback was a huge morale booster, which made us more confident as we progressed and tackled the remaining banks.  We quickly received offers from several of the banks we visited and are expecting offers from the remaining ones."  Kevin Richard 

Why is it so hard to get bank financing

The banker usually has no experience with RV park loans, no understanding of the campground business, and no "fill-in-the-blank loan applications."  So, you end up applying for the loan verbally.  The banker then tries to modify other commercial loan applications to fit your campground request -- and it doesn't work!   

The Cost:  $75 Call (828) 452-1535 to order by Visa, Discover,
or MasterCard.
"Getting Your Banker to Say 'YES' to Your Request"


A glimpse of what is in this guidebook: 

Shattered Dreams


Turned Down and Dumbfounded


The Banker's Perspective


The Loan Committee


First Time for Everyone


Start with Tax Return


The Adjusted Financial Worksheet


7 Adjustments


Owner's Non-Cash Benefits


12 Items the Banker Needs


Explanations of all 12 Items


Assembling Your Loan Package


They Got It - You Want It - Let's Go Get It!


Negotiating with Banks


A List of DON'Ts

PLUS, this book has 10 actual, successful loan packages used in obtaining bank financing.  Learn from them.  Copy them.  Use them as a guide in preparing your loan package!

Why I Wrote This Book - Darrell's Thoughts:  

As a campground broker/consultant, I have seen and experienced firsthand the frustrations and problems in trying to get bank financing for campgrounds.  I've concluded that the difference between successful and unsuccessful loan applications is the packaging - it's all in how you ask!  The key to success is to make it easy for the banker to say "Yes".  In order to do that, you need to understand the banker's decision-making process.  Who actually makes the decision?  What information do they need?  What questions will they ask?   

Unfortunately, most campground owners don't believe that their banker will turn them down...  That is, until the banker does.  After all, he is your regular banker.  You attend the same church; your kids play ball together; you have borrowed and paid back money  for a car, your house...  But, the worst mistake you can make is to go to your regular bank and get turned down.  Try going to a second bank after that!  Everyone should read this book BEFORE approaching their banker.   

Most campground loans are turned down because bankers don't understand the campground business.  So, your job is to educate the banker.  Let me give you just one example (this applies to an owner or a buyer).  Most campgrounds show very little profit on the income tax return.  In fact - let's get realistic - most show a loss.  Well, that's great on one hand (you don't have to pay taxes).  But, how do you think the banker feels about it?  He won't understand how you can live on a net loss, let alone make your mortgage payments.  That's just one example of what we teach in our guidebook.  Believe me, there are several more, very necessary steps in educating your banker.  They are all highlighted in easy-to-follow, step-by-step forms with instructions.   

Even though I feel this guide will be helpful, I can't guarantee that you will get a bank loan.  But, if you purchase the guidebook and, after reading it, feel that it was a waste of money, write us a note saying why and return the guidebook.  
We'll refund the $75 cost of the book!




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