Campgrounds For Sale
We educate buyers and sellers so they can make an intelligent, informed decision.
After all, we are dealing with a buyers life savings and a sellers retirement.

   Helpful Tool - A Guidebook:
 "Thinking of Selling"

Our newest guidebook, "Thinking of Selling," is designed specifically for owners considering selling.  This educational guidebook will address the 3 Phase Process you will need to work through in order to make an informed decision about selling. 

Finally - answers to your many questions.  

This guidebook is now available at the 
Introductory Price of $25 .  
Call our office 828-452-1535 to order with MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

Quotes from campground owners who have read this guidebook:

"The guidebook you sent us, 'Thinking of Selling,' is an excellent source of information and covers every aspect of selling a campground that is conceivable.  We would highly recommend it!  There aren't any additions or changes that we can note, instead we learned even more from YOU!  Without having 'been there,' 
it is amazing how you covered selling a campground so thoroughly.  
We can't thank you enough for sending the 'Thinking of Selling' guidebook 
and giving us an even better understanding of the selling process."  
Current NY Campground Owner

"It gave us lots to think about and stimulated ideas and discussion between Ma
 and I.  Great Value!"  Current VA Campground Owner

"I just finished reading 'Thinking of Selling.'  It really hit home!  Even though we are partially through the selling process, it was still relevant.  I don't think anything was left out.  You have a great sense of what the seller goes through with lots of good advice and suggestions for response to the emotions, etc.  The writing style is interesting and easy to follow."  Former PA Campground Owner

"For us the biggest decision was not the money, we had a general idea of the value and what we needed to live on, but rather the emotional separation of 'our baby.'  We rebuilt it and nurtured it.  We made it grow.  Who could love it and continue to watch over it.  It almost had a life of its own in our eyes.  Although this emotional aspect is addressed in Phase 2 of the book  maybe even more attention should be paid to the mental aspect of 'letting go'."  Former NJ Campground Owner

"As usual you have produced a very well thought out, organized piece. We will miss talking with you folks since you sold our park. There is nothing to add in comments that are not already there.  We always appreciated your organizational skills, guidance and professionalism.  You may want to stress that it may be a good idea to sell the campground while it is still viable and in good shape instead of run down because I think many owners hang on too long.  Your book helped calm our fears on seller financing."  Former PA Campground Owner

"I just read 'Thinking of Selling' and found it concise, short and easy to read in 1 1/2 hours.  I found myself pondering it all week long.  Picked up again a week later and spent another 2 hours reviewing it.  It has credible answers to the many questions I had about selling.  As a banker and RV park owner, I believe Phase 3, 'Salability of the Park,' takes priority over Phase 1, 'The Price'."  Current MO RV Park Owner



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