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Updated on 10/05/2021
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THIS RV Park might have EVERYTHING you are looking for! 

Located in highly desirable state of TN with mild climate and NO state income tax.  Approx. 40 sites with gross income of $233K.
Gross income up +/- $35K
thru June 2021
Seller financing available to qualified buyers

Sales Price $1,100,000 with $350,000 downpayment


Triple-Crown Location in Popular Area.
   +/- 18 acres with +/- 145 sites, Lots of rentals, main building, store, game room, pool, etc., all on city sewer.
Plus, a beautiful traditional home for owners or managers. 
Estimated gross income for 2021 is +/- $775K. 
Sales Price $3,000,000 with $900,000 downpayment
QUALITY full facility RV park with LOTS of extra amenities! 

This park comes with +/- 69 acres of beautiful wooded property with LOTS of room for expansion.   124 sites (includes rentals), full facility park with extra amenities.  Plus owner's 3 bedroom home included.
2020 Gross income $536K.
2021 Estimated gross $600K.
Sales Price $2,600,000 with $855,000 downpayment
GREAT location along busy interstate in the Southeast!

Favorite stop for big rigs traveling back and forth to Florida with easy access and long pull thru sites.
Developed park sits on 10 acres - sales price includes 20 undeveloped adjacent acres!  This park brings in gross income of $400K with only 68 sites.  Proof of excellent location and quality facilities.  Plus, plenty of demand for expansion.

Sales Price  $2,000,000 with $600,000 downpayment

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