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#340 Sales Price REDUCED to $925,000 with $235,000 down
(was $975,000 with $295,000 down) 
Great location off 2 major interstates - and LOTS of FUN tourist attractions bring in profitable vacation campers.
Gross income +/- $324K
Sales Price $925,000 with $235,000 downpayment
#349 FALL End of Season Sale - Price Reduced!
Small Campground for Boat Lovers and Fishermen
Included traditional owner's home
$599,000 Sales Price with $139,000 downpayment
2017 Income estimated at +/- $130,000
ALL Seller Financing Available!
#352 Sales Price REDUCED to $1,225,000! 
3 Businesses in 1
Family Fun Camper, Interstate Traveler and Monthly Camper

2017 Estimtaed Gross Income +/- $390,000
$ales Price was $1,300,000
#353 Forests, Mountains, History and Colleges!  This park appeals to Nature Lovers, History Buffs, and has the amenities for the BIG RVs!
2016 Gross Income $531,423
2017 Gross income estimated at +/- $594,000
$1,700,000 Sales Price with $495,000 downpayment
 #355 Go West and you might strike it "RICH" with this small
profitable campground.
Gross Income $294,062
$910,000 Sales Price with $275,000 downpayment
You can spend the summers in Alaska on this +/- 90 site RV Park

2016 Gross income +/- $190,000
$746,000 Sales Price with $225,000 downpayment
#360 Pennsylvania Campground on 40 acres includes large Owner's Home
$545,000 Sales Price with $136,250 downpayment
#363 Pennsylvania campground has EXCELLENT location
Near large cities but has a natural setting with beautiful mature trees
$1,800,000 Sales Price with $500,000 downpayment
#364 Looking for LOTS of Land? 
This campground in PA has 74 acres AND a traditional home!
$680,000 Sales Price with $275,000 downpayment.
#365 Boating, Fishing and Beautiful Lake
attract campers to this Full Facility RV Resort with
annual lease sites, overnight /weekend sites AND rentals!
$2,100,000 Sales Price with $525,000 downpayment.