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Below is a List of Campgrounds and RV Parks for Sale
Updated on 06/13/2016
(All Information and prices subject to change.)


    Park #349      NEW LISTING!

BOAT LOVERS and FISHERMEN!  Excellent fishing and boating from this small campground on a MAJOR river that goes to a large BAY off the Coast.  This small campground has 2 piers (both over 100'), a boat launch and 16 boat slip rentals, PLUS +/- 30 full hook-up sites and 3 cabins. This small park only has 3 acres BUT it produces enough income to "Buy Itself".  The income pays all the operating expenses, pays the mortgage payments AND provides a small cash profit for the buyer.  Not bad for a small part-time business.  So if you love fishing and boating and are looking for a small retirement "hobby" campground - this could be it! 
Gross income +/- $100,000.

Sales Price:  $550,000 with $165,000 downpayment
ALL SELLER FINANCING available to qualified Buyers!


    Park #350     NEW LISTING!

Beautiful Family Campground in the Heartland of America.  Peaceful rural location with a pretty lake.  Great for the families wanting to get away for a weekend or vacation.  Full facility park with Store, Bathhouse, Laundry, Pool and Mini-Golf.  Plenty of fun things to do to keep the kids happy right at the park.  Beautiful clean facilities to keep Mom happy.  LOTS of flat pull-thru full hook-up sites to make Dad's life easy as he sets up the rig.  Everything set up for keeping Campers Happy - and to keep those Happy Campers coming Back!  PLUS, the park is only 4 miles from a busy Interstate and it has VERY easy access for the RV traveler. Property is +/- 30 acres (includes some room for expansion) with +/- 90 sites plus rental cabins.  2 choices for owner's housing; a 3-bedroom ground-floor apartment or a 2-bedroom mobile home. 
Gross income +/- $176,000.

Sales Price:  $675,000 with $200,000 downpayment.
Partial Seller Financing Available to qualified buyer.



    Park #348    

"Back-to-Nature" family campground with modern amenities.  This well-kept park has ALL the modern amenities to cater to the big modern RVs but STILL provides the "true" camping experience.  Beautiful +/- 62 acre campground focuses on bringing the family back to the outdoors.  Swimming pond with sandy beach and fishing dock, plus miles of hiking trails.   Approx. 40 acres are developed into the campground with main building, bathhouse, laundry, game room, pavilion and cabins.  LOTS of long pull thru sites with full hook-up service.  Barn, horse-stalls and pasture for your horses.  All of this "nature" yet located less than 5 miles from a major interstate.  LOTS of land, capacity and DEMAND for more sites (Sellers often have to turn campers away). 
2014 gross income $167,251.  Income for 2015 was UP at $188,509! 

Sales Price:  $785,000 with $235,000 downpayment.









    Park #345     

Small campground with beautiful mountain location, surrounded by 1,000's of acres of State Forest lands with spectacular scenery, waterfalls and trails that attracts outdoor enthusiasts to this area.  No need to entertain campers here - LOTS of nearby attractions provide plenty for vacationers to do.  This campground comes with approx. 11 acres heavily wooded land, 70 sites (includes cabin rentals), main building, store, laundry, bathhouse, gameroom, pavilions and maintenance building.  Plus a nice 3 bedroom/2 bath owner's residence is included.  Only open approx. 6 months (so you can get away in the winters) and small enough for a couple to run by themselves. 2015 Gross income $130,683.   

Sales Price:  $565,000 with $195,000 downpayment


    Park #339     

NEW!  Seller just purchased the adjacent +/- 20 acres
which will be included in the sale!  With City water and sewer available
this property opens all kinds of possibilities for future expansion. 
How big can you dream?


Award-Winning campground has a character and natural beauty that is matched by few!  The park is on one of the busiest interstates in the US.  The developed campground sits on +/- 12 acres with +/- 120 sites (including rentals).  The park, buildings, sites and grounds have been beautifully updated.  LOTS of demand for more deluxe full hook-up sites AND for the full facility rentals.  The addition of the adjacent 20 acres with city water and sewer opens the door for future expansion and growth!  Income continues to climb each year with 2015 gross income at $398,149.  Based on the existing 120 sites this park is already PROFITABLE!  Imagine what it will be after additions and expansions!  Plus this park has the income and housing to support partners or multiple family members.  See for yourself why this is one of the top rated parks and begin to dream of the future...

Sales Price:  $1,500,000 with $447,000 downpayment


    Park #315

Fisherman's Paradise.  GREAT FISHING and Nearby Boat access to a HUGE Lake. 
This park is set up for fishermen (and women) and their boats.  Solid Steady Income! 
Seasonal campers LOVE staying at this +/- 23 acre park with +/- 100 sites.  Of course, fishing and boating are the main draw, but there are attractions nearby for everyone!  Campers love the store, gameroom, bingo-hall, clean bathhouses, swimming pool, fishing pond, plus LOTS more!  This park is ONLY OPEN 6 months!   During that short season this park makes enough to pay all the operating expenses, pay the mortgage payments year-round, "buys" itself, and pays you a nice cash profit on this part-time business - PLUS provides nice housing!  It might be small, but it has all the amenities, including a heated pool.  Perfect for the couple wanting a park they can run on their own.  Seasonal business closes for the winters - allowing you to travel to "warmer" climates. 
2014 Gross income $156,926   -  2015 Gross income $166,444!

Sales Price:  $700,000 with $180,000 downpayment


    Park #340     

Great location off 2 major interstates, within 15 miles of a BIG city with LOTS of tourist attractions.  Think roller-coasters, amusement parks, zoo, museums, speedways and more!.  LOTS to bring campers to the area.  Well-established full facility RV park provides all the amenities the modern camper is looking for PLUS a modern spacious owner's home.  +/- 13 acres includes room to expand.  Thriving store and approx. 60 sites with rental cabins produces income of $285K.  WOW that comes to $4,750 gross on a per site basis.  That is almost double the average of other parks - a GREAT indicator of high demand location!   
2014 Gross income $289,531
2015 Gross income is UP - Estimated at +/- $293,000


Sales Price:  $965,000 with $295 downpayment


    Park #347    

2 Star Park in a 5 Star Location!  What could be better than an under-operated park in a GREAT location.  All the basic amenities are already in place; Main Building, Rec Hall, Club Building with gameroom, Swimming Pool, Maintenance building, etc., along with +/- 85 seasonal campers at rates of $2,400 to $2,800 (which could be increased with some improvements).  Owner lives off-site, which means a new on-site owner/operator or manager could do much better (in our opinion).  High value area! 
2015 Gross income $405,659. 


Sales Price:  $1,675,000 with $475,000 downpayment.


    Park #332      PRICE REDUCED

WANTED:  Extended family or 2 partners to purchase and live at this Top Rated RV Park!
Included is a Modern Duplex with a 4-bedroom/2-bath home AND a 2-bedroom/1.5-bath home. 
Perfect for a large family, grown kids, in-laws, elderly parents, relatives or partners. 
Dad & Mom you LOVE camping - Why not buy this profitable business?  Let your son or daughter operate it with your help and guidance.  It will provide a very nice place to live, pay all the bills and will offer +/- $64K profit.  Not bad for a business only open 5 1/2 months.

The broker we are working with on this park said this is One of the top 5 RV Parks he's seen!  No kidding.  Do you want a good first impression?  And then a second?  This park provides it.  River frontage, plus a big pond with lake toys.  Gorgeous setting with pretty facilities and appeal. 

Some seasonal campers - but many higher income weekenders.  +/- 20 acres, +/- 160 sites, heated pool with hot tub, kayak and tube rentals, pavilion, Rec hall and much more!  2014 Gross Income $382K! 
  2015 Gross $392,526 WOW - that is a LOT of gross income for a park only open 5 1/2 months!  That is a great indicator of a GREAT location!

Sales Price:  REDUCED by to $1,550,000 with $450,000 downpayment
(Sales price was $1,600,000)


   Park #346     UNDER CONTRACT

Warm FLORIDA sunshine, Close to major attractions, Full facility RV park with all the amenities, Extra housing for extended family or business partners, Sewer treatment plant with expansion capacity, Undeveloped property included available for development, 2015 gross income of $489,000, ALL Seller Financing available to qualified buyers.  WOW - if that doesn't describe the perfect opportunity what does?  (PS:  KOA, Inc, has pre-approved this as a possible franchise location.)
2014 Gross Income $411,123
2015 Gross Income is UP - $489,000

Sales Price:  $1,975,000 with $475,000 downpayment - this is a price increase -
details forthcoming
All Seller Financing available to qualified buyers!


   Park #343      SOLD - Trying to buy and get into a campground this Season?

 These Sellers are MOTIVATED and have done LOTS to help you do just that.  They have reduced the sales price by $75,000 AND are now offering All-Seller Financing!  (No bank involved typically means a much QUICKER and less expensive closing for you.)  This park has everything on your wish list ... beautiful mountain location, 2 trout streams, POPULAR tourist attractions!  +/- 72 sites with rental cabins generated a gross income of  +/- $340,000 in 2015 - proof this is a GREAT location!  AND it is VERY PROFITABLE!  Country store, bathhouse, laundry, maintenance buildings.  Owner's deluxe mobile home - plus a second mobile home for rental or housing for family or partners.  Only open spring thru fall so you can take the winters off. 


Sales Price REDUCED to $845,000 with $245,000 downpayment  (Price was $925,000)
ALL SELLER-FINANCING available to qualified buyers!


    Park # 326     SOLD

This very attractive campground is rated by Good Sam among the 10 Best Parks in the NC Mountains.  The location in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the park like setting attract campers from all over the US. With modern camping amenities featuring 41 full hook up campsites PLUS 7 rentals.  Big, level pull-thrus and upgraded Deluxe sites plus 7 rental units with private porches and fenced yards.  This park is very pet friendly and offers extra amenities for the dogs lover.  This park has a beautiful natural setting with a swimming and fishing pond, on 20 acres in the mild climate of the southeast mountains, and gives plenty of room for expansion, plus provides a spacious deluxe mobile home for the buyer.  The buyer can choose to have plenty of off-time since this park achieves the gross income (see below) in just 7.5 month park opening time.
2014 Gross income $150,729.  2015 Income estimated at +/- $158,000.

Sales Price:  REDUCED to $725,000 with $250,000 downpayment
                            (Sales Price was $795,000)
ALL SELLER FINANCING  - available to qualified buyers!


    Park #342      SOLD

Beautiful 9 acre lake with sandy beach creates a peaceful setting for this family campground.  +/- 38 acres with approx 182 sites.   Amenities include a store, bathhouse, gameroom, pavilion, rental cabins, playground, mini-golf, paddleboats, sewer treatment plant, large maintenance building AND a 4 bedroom TRADITIONAL owner's home.  Open April thru October allows owners to have time off in the winter season.  2014 Gross income $157,713.   


Sales Price:  $545,000 with $145,000 downpayment


  Park # 335      SOLD

Looking for a park in the Southeast?  Tired of "fix-up" projects?  The hard work work has already been done here.  LOTS of improvements and upgrades have turned this "ugly duckling" into an attractive modern RV park!  The main building has a new roof, new vinyl siding and has been remodeled from top to bottom (including the bathhouse).  The utilities, swimming pool and RV sites have ALL been upgraded.  A 3-bedroom/2-bath mobile home has been added.  +/- 19 acres includes an extra 12 acres for expansion.  The park has approx. 45 sites - and the room and demand for more!  AND 2014 gross income has grown to +/- $146K!  But all this hard work has "worn out" the owners and they say it is time to sell.  The stage has been set for new buyers with fresh energy to take the business to the next level.   


Sales Price REDUCED to:  $635,000 with $160,000 downpayment


    Park #334     SOLD

If you want gorgeous, this is it!  Interstate location draws overnighters, beautiful park brings repeat campers.  Attention to detail is obvious in all areas of this RV Park.  Full amenities  including main building with store/registration, bathhouse (recently remodeled), laundry, rec hall; satellite bathhouse; pavilion; pool; playground; custom built cabin; and a very nice owner's residence  to name just a few.  About 27 acres with about 80 sites and the big bonus - room to expand with land and sewer plant with expansion capacity!  The numbers work now - plus lots of potential to grow business.  Don't miss your chance on this one!

2013 Gross Income:  $169,998
2014 Gross Income:  $172,572


Sales Price: $795,000 with $250,000 Downpayment


    Park #314    SOLD

POPULAR tourist area in TENNESSEE.  Plus, located only 1 mile from a major interstate. 

WOW - this park is perfect for the vacationing family doing "tourist" stuff, and it is perfect for the big RV looking for an easy overnight site.  Approx. 10 acres with +/- 105 campsites, cabins, cottage, main building with bathhouse, laundry.  2 bedroom/1-bath apartment - completely remodeled this year!  Full facility park comes with swimming pool, pavilions, playground, second bathhouse,
AND room for expansion. 
2013 Gross Income:  $294,704
2014 Gross Income Estimate: +/- $300,000.

Sales Price Reduced: $1,025,000 with $275,000 downpayment.
Some Seller Financing available to qualified buyers.



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