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Below is a List of Campgrounds and RV Parks for Sale
Updated on 03/18/2019
(All Information and prices subject to change.)


    Park #375    

Modern RV Park has all the amenities to attract the big RVs.  GREAT interstate location and LOTS of pull-thru sites makes this an easy stop for campers traveling to the popular destinations.  This park, built in 2008, has newer buildings, paved roads AND city water and sewer. That means less hassles and fix-up than typically found in "older" worn-out parks. Full facility RV park with +/-107 sites (includes 4 cabin rentals).  Approx. 47 acres provides plenty of room for expansion AND Phase III has already been engineered and approved for adding 18 new sites!  Mild weather and temperate winters allows this year-round business to generate +/- $533K gross income.  On a per site basis, that is almost $5K average per site - confirmation there is demand for additional sites. Plenty of opportunity here!

Sales Price:  $1,950,000 with $585,000 downpayment                      


    Park #372    

This Fun-filled campground is packed with special features!  Kids will remember this park as something EXTRA SPECIAL and will beg Mom and Dad to come back!  Unique features like a Climbing Rock Wall, Skate Park, Outdoor Bowling, Jumping Pillow, AND Laser Tag all set this park apart as being one-of-a-kind. This full facility RV park also has all the modern amenities to keep Mom & Dad coming back too.  Approx. 32 beautiful wooded acres provides room to expand.  138 sites, 20 cabin rentals, Campstore, Snack bar and other profit centers bring in +/- $535,000 gross income.  This park is profitable - and only open 7 months (so you can take winters off).  Plus, all this comes with a 4 bedroom residence for the owner or manager. 

Sales Price:  $2,300,000 with $800,000 downpayment


    Park #373     

Lake frontage, sandy beach, boat ramp, scenic waterfront campsites, +/-90 acres of beautiful woods, and located in the South East - WOW this campground has everything you are looking for!

This property has a unique setting and is build-out ready.  LOTS of potential here!  Only about half of the property is developed.  The campground already has 67 sites AND there are permits in place to add 200 more sites.  Owners also have permits for a zip-line AND it is also possible to add 50 rental boat slips for camper's use.  2017 gross income $212,400. 

PLUS, Seller financing is available to qualified buyers! 
WOW this campground REALLY does has everything you are looking for!

Sales Price:  $800,000 with $300,000 downpayment


    Park #374    

What's Unique About this Park?
A 5-bedroom Owner's Residence
*   Ride your ATV, dirt bike, or snowmobile direct from this park to 100's of miles of trails
*   100 sites (includes 14 cabin rentals) - with plans for up to 50 new RV sites
*   30 acres of beautiful woods
*   1 mile from a gorgeous recreational lake
*   Only 1 mile from the interstate
*   In the middle of FUN and RECREATION
*   Currently closed during the winter - but you could "stay and play" with ATVs and snowmobiles
*   Perfect size for the Owner/Operator
 2018 Gross income estimated @ +/- $290,000

Sales Price:  $1,300,000 with $390,000 downpayment


    Park #370    

This park comes with 100 acres of beautiful wooded property! 
All this acreage, PLUS, this park has easy access from the interstate and is located within 10 minutes from a Wal-Mart, a small college town, quaint restaurants and shops.  With 60 acres undeveloped and room on the existing sewer system, there is a lot of room for expansion.  Full facility RV park with +/- 175 sites and +/- 40 cabins/rentals, main building, store, gameroom, bathhouse, swimming pool, owner's housing, and LOTS of extra amenities.   Gross income +/- $667,000.

Sales Price:  $1,950,000 with $585,000 downpayment
OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE the park at REDUCED Sales Price of $1,500,000
Request the information package for details!


    Park #364

 If you LOVE the idea of owning LOTS of land, this park is perfect for you!  
Located in northwest Pennsylvania, there are 74 acres with 2 ponds - over 60% of the property is heavily wooded undeveloped land.  
If you LOVE the idea of living in a traditional home, this park is perfect for you!
The large farmhouse on the property has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.   
If you LOVE the idea of an established campground with a steady repeat clientele,
this  campground has 100 sites with most of them being seasonal campers.
The park includes a store with office, bathhouse, Rec Hall and maintenance buildings. 
Gross income +/- $95,000.

Sales Price:  $680,000 with $275,000 downpayment



    Park #371     SOLD

Investors, Builders and Buyers - Opportunity to add much needed RV sites to this quality RV resort.  Located 1 hour from one of the 5 largest cities on the east coast.  This park sits on 113 wooded acres and is a perfect retreat for campers wanting to get out of the BIG hectic city or for travelers on this major interstate.  Full facility RV park with ALL the amenities, with 112 sites (includes cabin rentals).  The demand is high for more sites and there is plenty of undeveloped land for expansion. 
Sellers already have conceptual plans drawn up to add 50+ RV sites. 
2018 estimates:  Gross Income +/- $980,000, NOI $350K to $375K.

Sales Price:  $3,800,000 with $950,000 downpayment                      


    Park #376      SOLD

Absolute Auction on RV park -  No Reserve or Minimum Bid


77 ACRES +/- of Land w/Buildings & Infrastructure in southeast OH

Owner purchased and invested over $4,800,000.00 in the property, with the campground & resort being one of the prime of its type!  This is an estate sale.

The campground consists of over 1,000 sites that are approximately 40' x 80' in size. There is currently an Owners Association in place that is governed by declarations & bylaws.

Most lots were sold anywhere between $10,000-$20,000 & the yearly rent per lot was $300-450, with there being lots of interest in seasonal memberships.

Appraised Price = $2,120,000.00

Total Invested = $4,800,000.00

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a unique property -
but it is complicated and requires a "problem-solver."





    Park #367     SOLD
Here are the Facts:

*  $529,872
*  $575,000
*  9%
*  $1.6 million
*  444
*  1,100 ft.
*  63
*  $14K
*  $6,200,000


2017 NOI
2018 Estimated NOI
Cap Rate
2018 Estimated Gross Income
RV Sites (over half are seasonal sites)
Lake Frontage
Acres (with approx. 10 acres for future development)
Only $14K per site
Sales Price


Sales Price:  $6,200,000


    Park #352     SOLD

Profitable Park cash flows +/- $150K after operating expenses and mortgage payments. 

This RV park caters to the family campers as well as capturing the overnight RV travelers from the nearby interstate.  Nice mixture of open areas for pull thru sites and dense woods for weekend camping.  Steady monthly campers also compliment the traditional campground business.  Plenty of housing for owners and additional family members or partners.  This full facility park has all the amenities; Swimming Pool, Jumping Pad, Mini-golf, Modern Playground, Spray park for kiddies.  Plus county sewer and water available for future growth! 
2017 Gross income $439K.

Sales Price:  $1,225,000 with $385,000 downpayment


    Park #368     SOLD

This park has a one-of-a-kind location in the MOUNTAINS with road frontage and access to a National Park.  LOTS of travelers come to this area for the beautiful mountain scenery.  Cool mountain air, long-range vistas, pretty spring blooming trees, plenty to do in the summers, spectacular color in the fall and mild winter climates - all reasons why people pay LOTS of money just to buy a home in these mountains.  This park includes a traditional 2 bedroom/2bath home in the sales price.  LOTS of other amenities too - including RV sites, rental cabins, motel rooms, and room for expansion.  This beautiful mountain area is probably on your "wish list" and is a must-see!

Sales Price:  $700,000 with $350,000 downpayment


   Park #362     SOLD

Campground in Tennessee used to be a "FIXER-UPPER" - now transformed into a modern, updated RV Park!   Everything has been re-painted, re-habed and re-modeled from top to bottom.  If you have seen the home improvement shows on TV - this park is ready for the "big reveal."   The owners have also been working on the income and have grown it from practically nothing up to a respectable $100K in just 3 years - which shows the park is in a good location with a good demand for business and potential growth. 

LOTS to do in this area of Tennessee!  The large recreation area near this campground provides every type of outdoor recreational activity imaginable: hiking, biking, ATVing, boating, watersports, fishing, and hunting.  Plus there is a civil war historical site, antique shops and golf courses to keep everyone else entertained.  

The campground is located on approx. 17 acres and includes room for expansion.  This full facility RV park comes with 53 sites (includes 9 cabin rentals), store, laundry, bathhouse, activity room, swimming pool, mini golf, disc golf, gem mining and dog park.  Housing includes a 3-bedroom/2-bath double-wide mobile home and a separate one-bedroom efficiency apartment.  Additional adjacent property and a traditional home are also available.

Sellers are willing to offer Seller Financing to qualified buyers!

Sales Price:  $600,000 with $280,000 downpayment
ALL SELLER FINANCING available to qualified Buyers!


   Park #353       SOLD

Forests, Mountains, History and Colleges!  This park appeals to Nature Lovers, History Buffs, and has the amenities for the BIG RVs!

Adjacent to a National Forest, this park is surrounded by natural beauty.  Approx. 50 acres gives this park the beautiful forest setting and hiking trails to make the Nature Lovers happy.  PLUS, this RV park has all the facilities and modern conveniences to make the premium big RV campers happy.  Lots of historical sites nearby to appeal to the history "buffs."  Several colleges bring students, family and football fans to the area. 

This park has it ALL with +/- 100 sites with rentals, swimming pool, store, food service and extra long pull thru sites with 50-amp service, AND room for expansion.  Two residences would make it ideal for partnership or extended families. 

COMING SOON - Upgraded $350,000 sewer plant with expansion capacity sets the stage for the future!

2016 Gross Income $531,423
2017 Gross Income $593,728


Sales Price:  $1,900,000 with $495,000 downpayment


    Park #340      SOLD

Great location off 2 major interstates, within 15 miles of a BIG city with LOTS of FUN tourist attractions bring in the PROFITABLE vacation camper.  Think roller-coasters, amusement parks, zoo, museums, speedways and more!.  LOTS to bring campers to the area.  Well-established full facility RV park provides all the amenities the modern camper is looking for PLUS a modern spacious owner's home.  +/- 13 acres includes room to expand.  Owner already has pre-approval to add 14 new full hook-up sites.  Thriving store and approx. 60 sites with rental cabins produces income of $324K.  WOW that comes to $5,400 gross on a per site basis.  That is almost double the average of other parks - a GREAT indicator of high demand location!   
2015 Gross income $292,706
2016 Gross income


Sales Price REDUCED to:  $925,000 with $235,000 downpayment
(was $975,000 with $295,000 downpayment)


   Park #359      SOLD

Ever thought about spending the summers in Alaska?  You can own this beautiful RV park and enjoy the surrounding majestic snowcapped mountains.  The park is only open 4 months so you can leave for warmer climates - or stay and enjoy the winter.  The +/- 90 full hook up RV sites provide all the modern amenities.  The attractive main building includes the store and gift shop, registration and office, bathhouse with showers, laundry AND the owner's 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment.  This is a perfect location to enjoy all the spectacular natural beauty of Alaska from mountains to glaciers.  Boating, fishing and kayaking are available at the fishing harbor less than 1 mile from the park.  Campers can enjoy the complete "Alaskan" experience at this park including seeing moose walking through the park. 
All of this gorgeous nature abounds - yet the park is on CITY WATER and SEWER AND has wi-fi
2015 Gross income +/- $155,000
2016 Gross income +/- $192,000. 

Sales Price:  $746,000 with $255,000 downpayment


    Park #360      SOLD

This Pennsylvania campground has a beautiful setting on 40 acres of heavily wooded property with 4 ponds, located near the Allegheny National Forest.  The campground has 129 sites, 3 cabins, Store, Rec Hall, Bathhouse and Shop/Garage.  PLUS, it includes the Owner's large 2-story traditional farmhouse with 5 bedrooms, 2 baths and attached heated garage.  Gross income +/- $85,000.

Sales Price:  $545,000 with $136,250 downpayment


    Park #349      SOLD

BOAT LOVERS and FISHERMEN!  Excellent fishing and boating from this small campground on a MAJOR river that goes to a large BAY off the Coast.  Small fishing campground that caters to avid fishermen and family. Same owners for 36 years so must be doing something right. This small campground has 2 piers (both over 100'), a boat launch and 16 boat slip rentals, PLUS +/- 30 full hook-up sites and 3 cabins. This park is small but the income covers all the operating expenses, will pay all the payments - AND provide a profit to the Buyer!  Not bad for a small part-time business that also includes a 3-bedroom traditional home located across the street.  So if you love fishing and boating and are looking for a small retirement "hobby" campground - this could be it! 

Traditional 3-bedroom 1-bath home NOW INCLUDED.

2015 Gross income =  $103,221. 
Gross income for 2016 was $122,390!
Good News!  2017 income already up, estimated at +/- $130,000

WOW - that is a LOT for a little park!  You need to take a look at this one !!!!

Sales Price:  $599,000 with $139,000 downpayment
ALL SELLER FINANCING available to qualified Buyers!



   Park #355      SOLD

Go West Young Man may have applied to a young man hoping to strike it rich in gold, but for us mature adults,
Go West and you might strike it "RICH"
with this profitable campground. 

Strike it Rich in lifestyle by owning and operating your own RV park business where the home is provided and where you can walk to work.  Not too complicated, yet this business can support you, your family and toys just like it does for these owners with their motorcycles, ATVís, horses, boat and other hobbies.  Small enough for an owner couple to run on their own - yet the PROFIT produced by this small park is +/- 90K cash after expenses and debt service!

Not too Big; Not too Fancy; But a solid growing park located in a tourist rich environment near Salt Lake City. 

2014 Gross Income = $198,020
2015 Gross Income = $225,610
2016 Gross Income = $261,322
2017 Income up through July by 11%

Income is GROWING - and this little park is PROFITABLE!

Sales Price:  $910,000 with $275,000 downpayment


    Park #357     SOLD

Beautiful full facility FAMILY campground in the heartland of America. 
Mature shade trees, fishing lake, wading stream and lots of green grass - perfect for KIDS to run and have FUN!   This full facility RV park also has all the modern amenities to satisfy Mom and Dad.  Lots of beautiful nature to help campers get away-from-it-all; yet the park is less than 1 mile from the Interstate exit.  The full hook-up 50 amp extra-long pull thru RV sites make it easy for the Interstate traveler to get in and out.  This park has it ALL;  +/- 38 acres, +/-150 sites, rental cabins, pool, store, pavilion, plenty of recreation, plus a beautiful traditional home.
AND income is growing;
2015 gross income = +/- $316,000,
2016 gross income = +/- $338,000. 
Plenty of demand and undeveloped land for future expansion. 

Sales Price:  $1,300,000 with $325,000 downpayment


    Park #361    SOLD


Located in north-central Tennessee, this park with 85 acres is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast! 
If you LOVE forests, rivers, hiking and waterfalls - this park has it all!  Two beautiful waterfalls are actually located on the property.  Lots of wildlife - and peace and quiet!  When you come to visit this property be sure to bring your walking shoes so you can walk the trails and see these gorgeous waterfalls!  So far only 10 acres have been developed with +/- 35 sites, main building with bathhouse, swimming pool and rental units - leaving lots of property for your future plans.  Plus, the campground comes with a traditional home (with separate rental apartment downstairs).  Enjoy living and working in the beauty of Tennessee (and keep more of your hard-earned money as this state with no income tax!) 

Sales Price:  $279,000 with $70,000 downpayment. 
SELLER FINANCING available to qualified buyers.


    Park #339      SOLD

Seller recently purchased the adjacent +/- 20 acres
which will be included in the sale!  With City water and sewer available
this property opens all kinds of possibilities for future expansion. 
How big can you dream?


Award-Winning campground has a character and natural beauty that is matched by few!  The park is on one of the busiest interstates in the US.  The developed campground sits on +/- 12 acres with +/- 120 sites (including rentals).  The park, buildings, sites and grounds have been beautifully updated.  LOTS of demand for more deluxe full hook-up sites AND for the full facility rentals.  The addition of the adjacent 20 acres with city water and sewer opens the door for future expansion and growth!  Income continues to climb each year with 2016 gross income at $411,280.  Based on the existing 120 sites this park is already PROFITABLE!  Imagine what it will be after additions and expansions!  Plus this park has the income and housing to support partners or multiple family members.  See for yourself why this is one of the top rated parks and begin to dream of the future...

Sales Price:  $1,600,000 with $447,000 downpayment


    Park #351      SOLD!

Beautiful Mountains + Scenic Roads + Charming Attractions =
Location, Location, Location

Pretty, Perfect and Profitable describes this Vacation Get-away in the Mountains!

Smaller, Owner-operated park comes with a traditional home, plus a newer double-wide mobile home.
80 sites, cabin rental and full amenities - this park has it ALL!

This is my favorite place to camp
... on my motorcycle with my tent, in my car in the rental cabin,
or on a full hook-up pull through site in my RV watching cable TV!

2015 Gross Income 353,406
2016 Estimated Gross +/- $370,000
WOW - that is a LOT of income for a park only open 8 months!

Sales Price:  $1,425,000 with $425,000 downpayment


    Park #354       SOLD

Pretty campground in southeast has easy access to busy interstate to bring in overnight and weekend campers.  LOTS of shade trees and attractive landscaping makes this park an inviting place to camp even in the heat of the summer.  The campers in the big RV's pulling trailers love the convenient access and easy pull-thru sites.  The BIG attraction brings in LOTS of visitors to the area and the local museums, winery and canoeing rivers provide plenty for campers to do.  This park is on approx. 10 acres - but has ALL the amenities.  Approx. 60 sites, cabin rentals, main building with store, gameroom area, laundry and bathhouse, swimming pool, playground, fenced dog area and owner's 3-bedroom and 2 bath residence. 
2015 Gross income $153,518.  2016 Gross income is UP and estimated to finish at +/- $170,000. 

Sales Price:  $625,000 with $200,000 downpayment



    Park #348    SOLD

"Back-to-Nature" family campground with modern amenities.  This well-kept park has ALL the modern amenities to cater to the big modern RVs but STILL provides the "true" camping experience.  Beautiful +/- 62 acre campground focuses on bringing the family back to the outdoors.  Swimming pond with sandy beach and fishing dock, plus miles of hiking trails.   Approx. 40 acres are developed into the campground with main building, bathhouse, laundry, game room, pavilion and cabins.  LOTS of long pull thru sites with full hook-up service.  Barn, horse-stalls and pasture for your horses.  All of this "nature" yet located less than 5 miles from a major interstate.  LOTS of land, capacity and DEMAND for more sites (Sellers often have to turn campers away). 
2014 gross income $167,251.  Income for 2015 was UP at $188,509! 

Sales Price:  $785,000 with $235,000 downpayment.


   Park #346     SOLD

Warm FLORIDA sunshine, Close to major attractions, Full facility RV park with all the amenities, Extra housing for extended family or business partners, Sewer treatment plant with expansion capacity, Undeveloped property included available for development, 2015 gross income of $489,000, ALL Seller Financing available to qualified buyers.  WOW - if that doesn't describe the perfect opportunity what does?  (PS:  KOA, Inc, has pre-approved this as a possible franchise location.)
2014 Gross Income $411,123
2015 Gross Income is UP - $489,000

Sales Price:  $1,975,000 with $475,000 downpayment - this is a price increase -
details forthcoming
All Seller Financing available to qualified buyers!




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